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'Legend' Award

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It has become practice at some events to recognize participants who complete a given number of the events. Probably the best known in South Africa are the Comrades ‘Green number', the Two Oceans ‘Blue number' (although some of us older runners still have a treasured ‘Silver number') and the Rhodes Trail Run ‘Snowflake number'.

At each of these events a runner receives a number ‘in perpetuity', recording his achievements in the annals of the event.

The Baviaanskloof Trail Run recognises the achievement of completing three Baviaans Runs somewhat differently. The runner does not receive a 'number in perpetuity', but something rather distinctive.

On completion of three Baviaanskloof Trail Runs the runner will be recognised as a 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof' and will receive a very special, significant and unique memento of the achievement. The list of 'Legends' is here.

On completing their third Baviaanskloof Trail Run each runner receives a framed limited edition numbered and signed Alan Ainslie print of a black rhino. There are only 50 prints of each edition and are printed on high quality German etching paper.

 Baviaans Legend Award Print1
Baviaans Legend Award Print2
Legend Award No 1 - 50 Legend Award No 51-100

3-Rhinos Extint Final-Print3-lr-002
Legend Award No 101 - 150

Alan Ainslie is one of South Africa's leading wilderness sculptors and painters, and while most of his art is sold outside South Africa (some of his paintings residing in South African embassies abroad) outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed seeing his life-size Gemsbok bronzes at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Alan's work on Madiba and Gandhi won international acclaim among philatelists, as did his series on South African tourism.

Each presentation has a plaque identifying it as a 'Legend' award and the framing has been carried out by one of South Africa's oldest and leading framing businesses.

The Baviaanskloof Trail Run winners floating trophy black rhino bronzes were created by Alan Ainslie.

As each batch of ‘Legend' awards has been made, another and different black rhino drawing will be commissioned and a further set of signed limited edition numbered prints produced. These unique and special achievement awards will be much valued by the outdoor loving Baviaanskloof runners, and no doubt will be displayed prominently, even when the recipients running days are over!

Grandchildren will look admiringly at the framed black rhino drawing, read the plaque and ask 'Grandpa/Granny, how did you become a Legend of the Baviaanskloof?'

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