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Legend of Legends Award

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The first 'Legend of Legends' Awards will be presented this year at the PiA Solar Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

On successfully completing three Baviaans Runs the 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof' Award is presented. This is a limited-edition, signed, framed artwork by world renowned wilderness sculptor and artist Alan Ainslie. Now in its third edition, the 'Legend' Award has traditionally been a drawing of a black rhino.


The current 'Legend' Award

The 'Legend of Legends' Award will be presented to those who complete nine Baviaans Runs.

This award is a limited-edition print, framed and signed by the artist Alan Ainslie.

Only 30 prints have been made of the 'Legend of Legends' Award, fewer than are made of each edition of the 'Legend' Award.

While a black rhino sighting in the Baviaanskloof wilderness is a rare thing, as rare as the membership of the 'Legends', a sighting of a leopard in the Baviaanskloof is a very special thing. Rare to a high degree. For this reason, the subject chosen by the organisers for the 'Legend of Legends' Award is a leopard.

Alan Ainslie has captured an absolutely stunning image of a leopard for this very special and rather exclusive award. Fitting recognition for those who complete nine Baviaans Runs.


The 'Legend of Legends' Award

The Baviaanskloof Trail Run is privileged to be in a position to provide our runners with such beautiful, relevant and tangible recognition of their efforts thanks to the generosity of Alan Ainslie and his unbridled passion for wildlife and wilderness.

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