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Travel Times & Distances to Geelhoutbos

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Travel in the Baviaanskloof should not be rushed. Road conditions vary and should always be taken cautiously.

As a guide, the conservative travel times to Geelhoutbos (source: the Baviaans Tourism website) are:

Willowmore to Geelhoutbos - 108km - 2 hours

Nuwekloof to Geelhoutbos - 64km - 1½ hours

Studtis se Poort to Geelhoutbos - 30km - 45 minutes

Patensie to Geelhoutbos - 90km - 4 hours

It is highly recommended that prior to travelling you ascertain road conditions - at times the Patensie to Geelhoutbos section is 4x4 vehicle only.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 August 2011 16:07