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Bergplaas Refurbishment: Part 2

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Funds from the trail run well used at Bergplaas.

A few months ago a team spent the weekend at Bergplaas in the Baviaanskloof refurbishing the hut for ECPTA.

The results were such that since then the hut has practically had a 100% occupancy over weekends, creating a nice income stream for the ECPTA.

For a recap of what we achieved see here 

There were a few small-ish additional projects that we were not able to complete at the time, and last weekend Colin Schroder and Jimmy de Scande were back at Bergplaas to finish off the loose ends on behalf of the trail run.

Two of the finishing touches were:

Replacing all the blinds and the foam & cushion covers inside the hut; before and after images-

photo 2018-08-12 12-48-09
photo 2018-08-12 21-30-59






















Rebuilding the braai

photo 2018-08-09 14-20-27

There are also new latte around the braai boma and a second water tank has been installed.

photo 2018-08-09 14-22-25

We were very pleased to hear that the solar charger which was installed is still operating 100%, and spare light bulbs were left at the hut.

Thank you to our runners. These improvements are all thanks to your participation in our trail run. 

1-photo 2018-03-25 19-12-13



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The scree section that drops runners from the ridge into the Geelhoutboskloof in seconds, if they slip!, has a reputation for being well, unstable.

Our scree has built up quite a reputation -- grazes, bruises, trashed shoes, mutters and naval language, cuts and stitches, broken spectacles, bent hiking poles, our scree has done it all.

BaviaansTrail Scree 3159

Scree* on the Baviaanskloof Trail Run

The scree can be a harsh place to slip. Not so much the slipping but the landing ...

1-IMG 8664

A top training tip.

Use a hiking pole. Hiking or trekking poles provide stability over rough terrain and will help runners (and our flag team!) keep their footing. This applies for all uneven trails, not only on the treacherous Baviaanskloof scree section.

Scree* an accumulation of loose stones or rocky debris lying on a slope or at the base of a hill or cliff

Source: Mirriam-Webster


Salute Our Rangers on World Ranger Day

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"World Ranger Day is observed on the 31st of July each year. It is the day to commemorate the many Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty. It is also the day to celebrate Rangers and the work they do to protect the world's natural and cultural treasures."

On behalf of our runners and Event Partners we applaud and give thanks to the team of Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency Rangers who preserve and protect the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve.

Rangers such as the ever cheerful Sebenzile Rwexu who was presented with his 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof' award in 2013 having completed three Baviaanskloof Trail Runs.

1-CraigMuller2013 IMG 5141




Entries are open...

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Entries for the 2018 Baviaanskloof Trail Run are open

See here



Raw, unfenced wilderness

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It's raw

It's unfenced

It's wilderness

It's not manicured

It's bumpy, very bumpy!

It's the Baviaanskloof Trail Run

Add to the mix the large to extra-large four-legged local residents, maybe a few belly-slithering hissing viper-type inhabitants, the notorious skin-ripping scree and the much-treasured Alan Ainslie artwork, makes for a combination that meets pretty much every trail running sensory and memory upload need.

1-IMG 8706 2   1-IMG 2169
1-10646663 914773015218167  n
  1-IMG 8625

Every runner who completes three Baviaanskloof Trail Runs receives a framed, signed, limited edition art work by world renowned wilderness sculptor and painter Alan Ainslie

Did we mention our environmentally friendly world-first 'No Cup. No Run' Rule? *

Images: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures & Baviaanskloof Trail Run archives

* A world-first, so we have been informed


Bergplaas Refurbishment

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This past weekend a group of volunteers put in a tremendous amount of work at the Bergplaas hut in the Baviaanskloof, making it fit for purpose.

Part of the Baviaanskloof Trail Run entry fee is allocated to East Cape Parks and Tourism Agency and another portion is allocated for use within the Baviaanskloof. The trail run is extremely proud to have been able to facilitate the Bergplaas hut refurbishment.

The work party of 'volunteers', some seemingly encouraged under somewhat false pretences

"Come to Bergplaas he said. It will be fun he said. And it was!"

"Just a few things to sort out he said!"


Still smiling before heading home after a satisfying weekend

Back, left to right: Eric Hosten, Isolda Hosten, Tony Allen, Neill Purdon, Barbara de Scande, Jimmy de Scande,

Evie Raubenheimer, Darrell Raubenheimer

Seated front: Andrew Gray, Mandy la Mude, Colin Schroder

A plaque was mounted on the dining area wall to mark the refurbishment, and to thank various parties who supported the project. See here

1-photo 2018-03-25 19-12-13

The team replaced the solar power system, erected a stand for the 1000L water header tank and linked it to the bathroom, built a braai and repaired the boma, painted the entire inside and outside of the hut, sanded and sealed wood counters in the kitchen area, repaired the interior lights, installed two fire extinguishers, installed gutters and down pipes to the water tanks, hung five wildlife drawings in the lounge area.

A second 1000L water tank was donated to ECPTA for the Baviaanskloof firefighting team.

Some before, after and action shots 

 Bergplaas - before  
 Lounge area - before  ... during; Isolda & Eric ... after


Eric & Mandy work in the interior
 1-photo 2018-03-18 17-35-50
Jimmy (orange cap) & Neill constructing the stand & installing the 1000L water tank    Second water tank for firefighting
  Tony & Jimmy prepare to remove door, for Barbara to repair & paint Boma repairs 
Evie our Trail Run Race Director with paint brush    Starting the first coat
1-photo 2018-03-25 19-15-51
More first coat At last, the second coat
Barbara goes sanding ...  Andrew goes solar ... ... and then goes painting 
Neill makes sure gutters are secure Mandy gets the windows ship shape Power tools need power
 Installing the solar system  Safely & securely caged  
Outside painting & downpipes...Done!   

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill "Never has so much been accomplished, by so few, in such a short period of time".


Top service

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You can measure a company's service levels when they provide a service without charging.

Algoa Brick, Taylor's Trailer Hire and Signarama Port Elizabeth provided generous complimentary & fantastic service when we repaired the Bergplaas hut in the Baviaanskloof. Thank you.

 Taylors-Trailer-Hire 1

Key teams

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Our flag and sweep teams perform essential roles over race weekend, and this year they once again performed superbly.

Our thanks to all four team members who contribute significantly to the success, and safety, of the event.

IMG 4148

Flag Team heading out

Ronel Janse van Rensburg, Andrew Raubenheimer, Juan Batt

IMG 4191

Sweep Team preparing to head out

Juan Batt, Gerhard Vosloo

20170909 142345

Sweep Team returns


Legends of Legends 2017

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Our 2017 'Legends of Legends' 

  IMG 7780
 Emil Hougaard
 IMG 7784
 Chris Gedye
 IMG 7788
 Bennie Burger
IMG 7792

Presentation made by Colin Schroder, Director, PiA Solar

Photographs: Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures


Not two, but four!

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Four new champions at the 2017 PiA Solar Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Congratulations Bernhard, Elizma, Helena and Steve.

IMG 7712
IMG 7713
  Bernhard Kapp
IMG 7735
IMG 7739
  Elizma Horne
IMG 7755
IMG 7748

Helena Slabbert

 Steve McCarthy

 Photographs: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


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