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Key teams

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Our flag and sweep teams perform essential roles over race weekend, and this year they once again performed superbly.

Our thanks to all four team members who contribute significantly to the success, and safety, of the event.

IMG 4148

Flag Team heading out

Ronel Janse van Rensburg, Andrew Raubenheimer, Juan Batt

IMG 4191

Sweep Team preparing to head out

Juan Batt, Gerhard Vosloo

20170909 142345

Sweep Team returns


Legends of Legends 2017

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Our 2017 'Legends of Legends' 

  IMG 7780
 Emil Hougaard
 IMG 7784
 Chris Gedye
 IMG 7788
 Bennie Burger
IMG 7792

Presentation made by Colin Schroder, Director, PiA Solar

Photographs: Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures


Not two, but four!

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Four new champions at the 2017 PiA Solar Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Congratulations Bernhard, Elizma, Helena and Steve.

IMG 7712
IMG 7713
  Bernhard Kapp
IMG 7735
IMG 7739
  Elizma Horne
IMG 7755
IMG 7748

Helena Slabbert

 Steve McCarthy

 Photographs: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures



Legends 2017

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Our 2017 'Legends of the Baviaanskloof' 

 IMG 7758
  IMG 7761
 Glen Hendricks    John Offerman
 IMG 7765
   IMG 7770
 Gary Geyer    Ghida Bernard
 IMG 7773
   IMG 7776
 Tienie Ferreira    Juan Batt
IMG 7798

Presentation made by Colin Schroder, Director, PiA Solar

This is the third in the series of 'Legend Awards' by Alan Ainslie

3-Rhinos Extint Final-Print3-lr
Series 3

Photographs: Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures


Headline Results - 2017

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IMG 7288

  Men    Ladies
1st Bernhard Kapp   Elizma Horne (10th overall)
   3:59   5:00 
 2nd Steve McCarthy     Helena Slabbert
  4:04   5:14
3rd Dale Moulton   Charmaine van der Merwe
  4:21   5:34
  40+    40+
 1st Steve McCarthy   Helena Slabbert 
   4:04   5:14
2nd  Emil Hougaard   Charmaine van der Merwe 
  4:33     5:34
3rd  Glen Hendricks    Benita Joubert 
  4:36     6:17

Photograph: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures 


Results 2017

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IMG 7498-2


We will have a new champion

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No previous female champion has entered for the 2018 PiA Solar Baviaanskloof Trail Run, so on Saturday we will crown, with our traditional spekboom, a new champion.

She will also take on a second challenge, lifting the Alan Ainslie black rhino trophy!


Our previous champions


Meet the artist

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This website, and our Twitter feed, has numerous images of the black rhino Legend award, the black rhino floating trophies in bronze and the stunning leopard print for our Legends of Legends award.

Alan Ainslie is a world renowned-wilderness sculptor and artist and, thanks to Alan's generosity, we are thrilled to be in a position to have his art as our awards. 


Alan with a life-size leopard in bronze

Spoil yourself and visit his website here There is lots more to see than our Baviaans rhino and leopard.

paint brothers big



Not all are faster

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There is a wide variety of wildlife in the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve Wilderness Area.

Some are well known, some more popular to spot than others and some are easier to spot.

Not all of the four-legged you'll find on the trail run route are bigger or faster than our runners ...

DSC 2329


Why weight training is good

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Weight training is often mooted as an important part of a trail runner's regime.

If you are running with us in the Baviaans, we agree, especially if you are at the sharp end of the run.

This coming Saturday our 1st male and 1st female will receive the Alan Ainslie bronze Black Rhino floating trophies


... lifted gingerly mind.

Those rhino are to scale, both size and weight, as Jessica discovered ...

1-IMG 9279

Image: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures

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