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Our 'Silent Witnesses'

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We have fantastic crew.

Cheerful, quick with a joke, easy to rag or be ragged, energetic, accommodating, uncomplaining, multi-taskers of note, chefs of distinction, always up for any challenge, legendaires*.

They are the 'silent witnesses' at our runs. Working quietly in the background ensuring our runners are catered for and assisted if it gets that bit more challenging than the runner anticipated.

Joining us at our 10th Baviaans Run were Andrew, Barry, Colin, Damien, Jimmy & Neill.

We thank and applaud you.

photo 2018-09-11 14-55-47

Colin, Neill, Evie (The Boss), Barry, Darrell, Andrew, Jimmy & Damien

Note: Legendaire (noun) someone who assists with the creation of Legends.


And then there were two ...

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After ten Baviaanskloof Trail Runs we have two of our 'Legends of Legends' still with a full house of finishes.

Well done Bennie Burger and Emil Hougaard.

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1-41453365 2319434735009802 6633065668520443904 n
Bennie Burger & Emil Hougaard on their way to their 10th 'Run With Legends' medal

Thank you Eastern Cape Motors & Ford

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Much sadness earlier this week when the Ford support vehicles were returned to Eastern Cape Motors.

The Everest and Ranger 4x4 were magnificent in the Baviaanskloof and enjoyed playing in the countless river crossing over the weekend.

1-41498847 2319438945009381 3471488805406507008 n
Ford Everest in the Baviaanskloof

Image: Jimmy de Scande


2018 Champions

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Our champions for 2018 are both first-timers to the Baviaans Run, and while they did not experience the route they had been expecting both had to work hard for their spekboom crown.

Congratulations Kelly Freeth and Marais Conradie! 

 1-Kelly Freeth Baviaans2018
 Kelly Freeth, 9th overall
1-Kelly Freeth and rhino
Marais & Kelly with their Alan Ainslie black rhino bronze trophy and spekboom crown

In the 40+ category Dean Hoyle (3rd overall) and Benita Joubert (2nd Lady) took home the leopard spoor trophies.

1-41511977 2319435481676394 4230269557920497664 n
1-41453403 2319434808343128 3408895648546684928 n
Dean and Benita with their lepoard print trophies

Raubenheimer Doubles

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Interesting question posed by Mark Groch on Twitter after completing his 7th Baviaans.

"How many #raubeheimerdoubles? @RhodesTrailRun @BaviaansRun"

Mark created a super collage which he posted with his question.


There were five who completed the 'Raubenheimer Double' in 2018, completing the Rhodes Trail Run as well as the Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

In addition to Mark there was Alicia Grobler, Benita Joubert, Anthony Bernard and Gerhard Vosloo.

  Baviaans Time Rhodes Time Combined Time
Benita Joubert 2:43:48 8:53:42 11:37:30
Mark Groch 3:18:36 8:40:42 11:59:18
Anthony Bernard 3:52:00 8:09:49 12:01:49
Alicia Grobler 4:42:24 7:58:37 12:41:01
Gerhard Vosloo 4:42:24 8:58:27 13:40:51



Headline Results - 2018

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photo 2018-09-08 16-44-33

  Men    Ladies
1st Marais Conradie   Kelly Freeth (9th overall)
   2:19:17   2:36:32 
 2nd Jared Jordaan     Benita Joubert
  2:19:49   2:43:48
3rd Dean Hoyle   Pauline Thompson
  2:20:32   2:50:13
  40+    40+
 1st Dean Hoyle   Benita Joubert
   2:20:32   2:43:48
2nd Christiaan Joubert   Pauline Thompson
  2:23:45    2:50:13
3rd  Grant Hoyle  

Important - Route Change

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Trail running is by its very nature a relatively high-risk pastime, with both terrain and weather major factors.
The weather for this coming weekend is predicted to be rather severe.
Severe weather is not something that would generally trouble us, as our Rhodes Trail Run participants are aware having experienced blizzards and snow storms ‘up high’.
The weather models indicate heavy rain over the weekend in the Baviaanskloof and in the catchment area.
The road from the Western Gate to Geelhoutbos traverses a number of drifts which could be impassable for sedan vehicles should the models prove valid.
One of the attractions of the Baviaanskloof is its remoteness, which can also be a challenge when it comes to communication.
As such for safety reasons we have made an early call. 
The race this year will not start from Geelhoutbos.
The race will start and finish from Zandvlakte farm. Zandvlakte is situated about 10km west of Geelhoutbos at S 33 34.1837 E 24 97.2148, approx. 2km before you reach the western gate to the Reserve.
You do not cross into the Reserve when driving from Uniondale or Willowmore.
Directions to Zandvlakte
We can assure you that this decision was not taken lightly, and those of you who know Darrell will not be surprised should the revised route have a little bump!
A one-line summary of this note-
The race will start and finish from Zandvlakte farm. 
Start time will be 7:30am on 8 September 2018. Pre-race registration will be from 6:30am to 7:15am with pre-race briefing at 7:15am.
Race cut-off will be 2:30pm.
Travel safely and we will see you on Saturday.

Traditional route marking

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Keeping to our 'no plastic' in the Reserve policy, there will be stone directional walls to guide you down the scree. The best, easiest of the multitude of animal tracks has been identified.

If you come across a 'wall' as shown below, do not cross it. Play pinball and take the other track.


You could well find that the 'Flag Team' once again also used traditional route marking on some scree sections 

blood Noun (blaltd)

substance commonly used to mark the Baviaanskloof Trail Run route


A 'Did you know' for the Class of '18

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A 'Did you know' for our Baviaans runners Class of '18

When you drive to the start next weekend, from either direction, you will be travelling over the longest pass in South Africa.

photo 2017-08-31 08-15-24
photo 2017-08-31 08-15-46

"The Baviaans-Kouga pass is the longest pass in the country at 73.3km"

However, as much requires a 4x4 vehicle the authors of "SA's Most Extreme Mountain Passes" pass-ed (yip, we could not pass up on that bit of sub-editing!) the honour to Prince Alfred's Pass which is 68.2km.


photo 2017-08-31 08-15-14

Images: Andrew Raubenheimer

Vehicle: Ford Ranger 4x4 from Ford South Africa & Eastern Cape Motors


Why weight training is good

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Weight training is often mooted as an important part of a trail runner's regime.

If you are running with us in the Baviaans, we agree, especially if you are at the sharp end of the run.

in about ten days time our 1st male and 1st female will receive the Alan Ainslie bronze Black Rhino floating trophies...


... lifted gingerly mind.

Those rhino are to scale, both size and weight, as Jessica discovered ...

1-IMG 9279

Image: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


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