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The call of the 'Legend'

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The call of the 'Legend'.

Entries came through at pace for the 2011 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run and the available run slots have been filled.

Registrations are being accepted for the Reserve List.

When a run slot becomes available, such as when an entrant forfeits their entry through non payment of an entry fee or withdraws through injury, illness or any other reason,  the next person on the Reserve List will be invited to complete the entry process and take up the slot.

Reserve List changes can take place up to 22 August so there is a pretty good chance that run slots will become available.

To ensure you have a good chance of taking up a slot, register early.
Lots of time for entries to revert to the Reserve List.

Baviaans runners at Ironman

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Congratulations to all our Baviaans runners who took on the challenge of Ironman South Africa this past weekend.

As always, it was wonderful seeing such a large number of Liberty  Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run crew and runners as well as some of our 'next generation' Baviaans runners competing in the Ironman Corporate Challenge and Ironkids on Saturday and in Iron Girl on the Friday.

But the weekend is unquestionably Ironman weekend. Evie as always thrilled to see and chat with so many of you at bike check in and after you have savoured your time on the carpet.

Congratulations to all of you.

Look forward to seeing all of you again in September at the 2011 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.


2011 entries...ready...steady....

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Entries for the 2011 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run opened this morning for those who completed the event last year.

Tomorrow morning, Friday 15 April 2011, entries open at 06h00.


WR II - Jesper heads north

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There were many Baviaanskloof Trail runners who assisted Jesper Olsen on his run down South Africa when he completed the Africa stage of his World Run II.


Jesper kicked off his America leg on 1.1.11 and is now heading north...north...and still further north. We wish him every strength and safe running. Follow this remarkable athlete, and his quirky sense of humour, on the rest of his second World Run.


Trench warfare in the Baviaans?

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We are receiving spectacular and beautiful photos from runners - the  fynbos along the route was stunning and the views throughout the route worth the effort.

We received one (which we will keep under wraps and anonymous) that had the following caption.....

"The 'look' after doing a Raubenheimer run - similar to the poor buggers after a couple of years of trench warfare"

.....maybe some of you can relate!!

Here are a few photos from Jaco van der Westhuizen


Early on the climb out of Geelhoutbos


Starting the final scree section


Hylton and SanMari take spekboom crowns

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Perfect weather conditions, and the knowledge that a herd of buffalo was lingering in the river bed about 100m from the trail on an early section of the route made for an experience filled 2010 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run. There were 86 starters and 80 official finishers within the 7 hour cut-off.

Hylton Dunn showed his skill over the technical route reeling in a 5 minute deficit at the check point to win by over 5 minutes to take the winners spekboom crown and Baviaanskloof leopard spoor trophy.

SanMari Woithe retained top spot on the podium taking first place among the ladies with a run that improved on her winning time last year by about 14 minutes. SanMari took her second Baviaanskloof Trail Run spekboom crown as well as a  Baviaanskloof leopard spoor trophy.

SanMari and Hylton were also presented with an Alan Ainslie bronze black rhino floating trophy.


1 - Hylton Dunn (3:30.10)

2 - Mike Els (3:35.11)

3 - Christo Muller (3:47.24)

4 - Jack de Kort (3:48.04)

5 - Kobus Joubert (3:48.57)


1 - SanMari Woithe (4:25.38)

2 - Esna Roux (4:33.41)

3 - Heather Cawood (5:14.35)

4 - Alison Pledger (5:26.34)

5 - Miema Murray (5:44.20)


Hylton receiving spekboom crown


SanMari with spekboom crown


Leopard spoor for winners

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Liberty Health has arranged a super very special trophy for the first man and first lady this Saturday at the Baviaanskloof Trail Run - a Baviaanskloof leopard spoor cast.



Arthropod on trail

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Another recce over the route was carried out yesterday. The survivors from last year will be pleased to hear the scree slope is still there.

While eland droppings and scratchings as well as leopard scat (among other signs) were found on the trail it is not only the larger mammals you have an opportunity of sighting. There are also lots of smaller inhabitants in the Baviaanskloof.

The recce team came across this arthropod on the trail through the spekboom.



The battery was not on the trail, it was placed there for scale (and was picked up after the ‘photo shoot'), as was that size 14 boot! And the scorpion was left well photographed and unharmed.


Goldfish mouths hoovering air

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Brisk, dewy, shiver inducing early morning. A weak glimmer of warm struggles into the kloof. The sun will be hidden behind the krans for a few hours by which time the runners will have climbed to meet the warming orb and will be making their way along the ridge keeping an eye out for eland and Cape buffalo.

Climbing with open goldfish mouths, hoovering air into lungs, the knocking of loose rock underfoot would have caused a startled glance followed by a white tailed farewell from the resident mountain reedbuck family.

Registration and the run through the riverine thicket were accompanied by furtive glances for leopard, kudu and bushbuck.

Later, with legs feeling like a Rolf Harris wobble board, fatigued eyes scan keenly for sign of black rhino known to be in the area. Then the aching plummet through the spekboom with knee and hip disjointed from torso and arms; head seemingly alone conscious of the different directions the broken scree is forcing on the gravity tugged and exhausted athlete.

A last cautionary glance at the herds of nocturnal  Baviaans brown slip-rocks which seemingly bred furiously through winter and the finish oasis beckons.

The 2010 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run will be all this and more when 100 privileged runners take on the second edition of this challenging event. Challenging mentally and physically.

Last years winners SanMari Woithe from Port Elizabeth and Captonian Warren Petterson will be defending their titles and looking to take a further step towards the title ‘Legend of the Baviaanskloof'.

Only 120km from Port Elizabeth the Baviaanskloof is remote from the moment you cross the reserve border. Create a route deep in this World Heritage Site wilderness area and you have the isolation, incredible vistas and biodiversity that are a trail runner's heaven.


Frankie's at the Finish

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When you complete the Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run (or survive it, as someone mentioned in an article after the inaugural run last year) you will receive, in addition to your potted spekboom plant, technical material shirt and medal, a refreshing beverage from Frankie's Olde Soft Drinks.


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