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Reserve List movement closed

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Movement from the Reserve List to 'run slots' closed at 18:00 today.

The Reserve List will now be cleared until registrations open for the 2010 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.


Liberty Health involves Zaaimanshoek School

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Children from the Zaaimanshoek School, near Studis on the way to Geelhoutbos, are making two unique trophies for the inaugural Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Some of the objectives of the Liberty Health sponsored trail run are to increase awareness of the Baviaanskloof mega-reserve, provide a broader utilisation of  the wilderness area within the Baviaanskloof Reserve, stimulate awareness of environmental aspects and to involve the local community.

The involvement of the local community is symbolised through the Zaaimanshoek children hand making trophies which will be awarded to the first man and to the first lady. For the children's efforts the school will receive much needed educational material from the organisers of the Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.


Route Profile

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The start of the Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run is at an altitude of about 300m and climbs to a high point at 1079m. The first significant climb is from about 328m to 950m, over a distance of about 5km.

From the start to the high point is a mixture of sandy jeep track, rocky jeep track and overgrown jeep track.

Along the top it is a mixture of single track and zero track.

The descent towards the end is the section requiring caution. This is where hiking poles could be very useful. It will be very slippery and in places is a steep gradient. This section will require runners to make their own way along a choice of animal tracks (some rather poor quality) to meet up with a more clearly defined single track which will bring them to the finish.

Possible river crossings in the low valley area.


Black Rhino in bronze

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There will be two absolutely magnificent floating trophies up for grabs at the Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

The organisers have arranged with the highly acclaimed and internationally renowned South African wildlife artist Alan Ainslie that he will provide them with two stunning Black Rhino trophies in bronze.


These bronze sculptures have been specially cast by the artist for the  organisers of Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Even if you are not running it will be worthwhile viewing these aggressively realistic bronzes on 12 September.


Reserve List activity

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As was expected there has been quite some activity on the Reserve List as entrants who had secured 'run slots' have been forced to withdraw for various reasons.

Of course this does mean that the Reserve List  is a prized place to be as 'run slots' become available for the inaugural Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

26 August is the cut-off for movement from the Reserve List.


Entries closed

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Entries for the inaugural Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run, hosted by Eastern Cape Parks, closed yesterday.

Registrations close soon

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Registrations for the inaugural Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run, hosted by Eastern Cape Parks, close on Thursday this week (30 July).

Those of you who enjoyed playing in knee deep snow two weekends ago at the Liberty Health Rhodes Trail Run might be interested to know  that the Baviaans mountains received a nice dusting of snow as well.

Weather patterns indicate that the Baviaanskloof Trail Run might not have the sub-zero start temperature that is usually experienced at Rhodes, but then again with changing global weather patterns, nothing is a certainty.


Route Information

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The Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run will be staged over some pretty rugged terrain.

Weather conditions can be extreme in the Baviaanskloof. Route recce's have taken place in conditions ranging from 40°C to biting cold. Last week there was even a flurry of snow on the mountains.

Here are a few photographs of sections of the route.

















UTi Sun Couriers delivers for Baviaanskloof

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We are very pleased to announce that UTi Sun Couriers,  part of the global company UTi Worldwide Inc, a leading provider of courier and distribution services, has joined as an Event Partner of the Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Reserve List kicks in

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The Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run reserve list kicked in this morning when two entries became forfeit and the two folk registered at the top of the reserve list were invited to complete their entry process.

Lots of time for those registered on the reserve list to pick up an entry, good to see the trail set for future invites.


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