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All slots taken - Register for Reserve List

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Entries came through at pace for the inaugural Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run and the available slots have been filled.

However registrations are being accepted for the Reserve List.

When an entry slot becomes available, such as when an entrant forfeits their entry through non payment of an entry fee or withdraws from the race through injury, illness or any other reason, we will invite the next person on the Reserve List to complete the entry process and take up the slot.

Reserve List changes can take place up to 26 August so there is a reasonable probability that entries will become available to those registered on the Reserve List.

To ensure you have a good chance of taking up a slot, register early.

First entries received

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Registration opened at 6am this morning and seconds after 6am the first registration was received, followed closely by a bunch of others, all making sure they secured entries for the inaugural Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Gerhard Vosloo made certain of his slot - first registration was Gerhard's.

In view of the fact that the route takes runners through area inhabited by dangerous game Eastern Cape Parks have limited the number of runners. This run will be a unique experience for those fortunate to join us in the Baviaanskloof in September.


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