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Fun at the 'picnic spot'

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Not many, if any, runners rushed through the PiA Solar Check Point on Saturday. Some even enjoyed it so much they tarried for a while and referred to it as a 'picnic spot'.

 IMG 1809a  IMG 1814a
 IMG 1768a  IMG 1851a
Getting there is half the fun!
03-IMG 1844a 04-IMG 1864a
15-IMG 2109a IMG 1927a
19-IMG 2138a
07-IMG 1916a
IMG 2040a
4-IMG 2172a
 10-IMG 2010a
06-IMG 1903a
 01-CIMG 2008a
 IMG 2120a
  02-CIMG 2196a
  The PiA Solar team made it back to the finish pretty much intact to claim their spekboom  

 Images courtesy of James de Scande


More Memories

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More through Craig's lens ...

IMG 8693-2
  IMG 8881
IMG 8700-2
  IMG 8864
IMG 8403
  IMG 8379
IMG 8976
  IMG 8742-2
IMG 8707
  IMG 8986
 IMG 9015
   IMG 8927
 IMG 8597
   IMG 8354
 IMG 8600
   IMG 8908

Images courtesy of Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures



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Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures captured many moments, here are some ...

IMG 8286
  IMG 8288
IMG 8313
  IMG 8321
IMG 8349
  IMG 8417
IMG 8383
  IMG 8489
IMG 8578
  IMG 8641
IMG 8678
  IMG 8982


Legends 2016

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Our 2016 'Legends of the Baviaanskloof' 

 Johan Hamman    Grant Hoyle
 Brett Newcombe    Mark Raubenheimer
 Rodney Booth    Reon van Rensburg
 Anne de Swart    Chanel Rood
 Pamela Hamman   Jonathan Mundell 
 Eugene Delport    Peter Burton
Ben de Klerk  

This is the third in the series of 'Legend Awards' by Alan Ainslie

3-Rhinos Extint Final-Print3-lr
Series 3

All images coutrtesy of Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures


Run here, see this ...

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One of the Alan Ainslie bronze black rhino trophies 

To see more of Alan's brilliant wilderness art go here


Something for your post-run picnic

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First Choice has very kindly added to your post-run picnic under the trees at Geelhoutbos.

Post-run jelly, to help your post-scree jelly legs recover! And for double recovery there will also be First Choice High-Protein Recovery chocolate milk


1-20150902 110430

PiA Solar sponsors 'Legend Awards'

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We are thrilled to announce that PiA Solar is the new sponsor of the much desired ‘Legend awards’

The “Legend award’ is a limited edition, framed, signed art piece by world-renowned wilderness artist Alan Ainslie presented on completion of three Baviaanskloof Trail Runs. The current ‘Legend award’ is a magnificent drawing of a black rhino.
As the leading African-borne Solar PV Mounting Systems supplier and Installer of plant sizes ranging from commercial to utility scale PiA Solar is extremely pleased to be partnering with the Baviaanskloof Trail Run. PiA's slogan is “your innovative solution partner”
“The Baviaans Run is soundly eco-focussed from its no-cup-no-run rule to giving every participant a spekboom tree to take home. It’s a natural fit for PiA Solar which is a major player in providing solar solutions” said Colin Muller, Chief Executive Officer of PiA Solar. “We believe that the healthy lifestyle choices made by trail runners is an important part of eco-awareness, and of course being out in the spectacular Baviaanskloof wilderness is an added bonus not only for the runners but also for those PiA Solar staff who will be assisting as crew at the event. We are very excited about our involvement”
1-photo 2016-08-29 15-11-005
Darrell Raubenheimer (Baviaanskloof Trail Run) and Colin Muller (CEO PiA Solar) 
with an Alan Ainslie 'Legend award'
Colin Schroder, PiA Solar Director Manufacturing & Supply Chain added “Our operations are always in remote parts of the country. For many people, not only trail runners, the Baviaanskloof is remote and not a place many would naturally visit. We hope that our involvement will encourage more people to visit this true unspoiled gem”
PiA Solar is also sponsoring the spekboom trees each participant receives and to this end will be making a donation to the Honorary Conservators of the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve.
1-photo 2016-08-29 15-10-34
Darrell, Colin Schroder (PiA Solar) & Scott Rollo (Honorary Conservator)

Ford Support for Baviaanskloof

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We are extremely thrilled that Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa is joining us once again as the official vehicle partner for the Baviaanskloof Trail Run.
Local support is provided through the professional and friendly team at Eastern Cape Motors in Port Elizabeth.
So looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the Ford Ranger 4x4 again. Toughness and comfort. Ideal for the wilderness of the Baviaanskloof.
Craig Muller catches a Ford Ranger 'at home' in the Baviaanskloof

Spekboom potted & ready

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now".
Spekboom, one of the true 'legends' of the Baviaanskloof, is 'doubly best' as it is a remarkable plant that stores solar energy to photosynthesise at night. This makes spekboom thicket 10 times more effective per hectare at carbon fixing than a tropical rain forest.

The Honorary Conservators have been busy preparing spekboom for our 2016 finishers.

This year the HC's are not using hessian or compostable cellulose food bags as the plant container. The 2016 spekboom are potted in Green Home Products 'ecocup' containers which are fully compostable.

Just dig a small hole and plant the whole package, 'ecocup' and spekboom. No easier way to help our planet!

20160813 104140
  20160813 104733

 Many thanks Tracey Hartwig and her team of HC's who have been preparing spekboom for our runners. 


The Legend 'Legends' are back

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Only three runners have completed all of the Baviaanskloof Trail Runs.
They have their Alan Ainslie Legend Award hanging proudly, and they have the scars to prove their Legend of 'Legends' status.
We are thrilled that all three of our Legend 'Legends' will be joining us for the 2016 event.
Bennie Burger, Emil Hougaard and Chris Gedye, we look forward to seeing you at Geelhoutbos (and on the scree) in September.
1-1-IMG 9257
Image : Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures

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