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What to expect?

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Always difficult to explain the Baviaanskloof Trail Run to novices.
We’ve seen bodies broken and bloodied, new shoes trashed ‘flenters' from the scree, seen smiles and heard much laughter and joy. Watched spekboom engulf and the cold deep waters of the river sooth. Seen sunken eyes and watched runners skipping joyfully at the finish. Heard war stories and WAR stories and have shared memories.
Every runner will take home their own unique experience.
Baviaanskloof Trail Run 2012 43
Trail at start of the 'scree section'

 Baviaans 7
 Baviaans 2012 Darrell 117C
Eland on the trail 
No question - the Baviaans is special. Don't forget your camera.

Not only big critters

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It is not only big critters you will find on the route.

The Baviaanskloof wilderness area has a wide variety of wildlife - this little chap was spotted during a route recce.

BaviaansRun RouteRecce scorpion
The scorpion was left unharmed after the photo shoot (and the lens cover retrieved). No member of the recce team was harmed during this encounter.

The Best of Times *

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The best times at the Baviaanskloof Trail Run have been

  1. Chest deep river crossing in 2011 ...
  2. The route marking crew spotting leopard, rhino AND buffalo all in the space of hours ...
  3. The 2012 finish line braai ...

We hope that you have the best of times at the Baviaanskloof Trail Run 

The six best Finish times have been

Baviaans Warren1
Warren Pettersen 3:16:28 2009  
  Christo Muller 3:25:13 2011  
  Hylton Dunn 3:30:10 2010  
  Jacques Mouton 3:32:55 2013  
  Bradley MacKenzie 3:33:33 2011  2nd overall
  Grant Wolff 3:35:25 2013  2nd overall
BaviaansJulieTruter Julie Truter   3:58:56 2012  4th overall
  Olivia Read  4:03:45 2013  4th overall
   SanMari Woithe 4:20:11 2011  13th overall
   Jane Barnardo 4:20:31 2012  9th overall
  SanMari Woithe  4:24:28 2013  7th overall
  SanMari Woithe 4:25:38 2010 12th overall

 * With apologies to Charles Dickens "The Tale of Two Cities"


"River Deep, Mountain High"

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The Baviaanskloof Trail Run does not have a theme song.

If there was a theme song would it be a toss-up between Ike & Tina Turner's 1966 hit "River Deep, Mountain High" 



... the 1967 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell hit "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" 

 CraigMuller2013 IMG 4518

... and John Denver's 1972 "Rocky Mountain High"



A close inspection of the bloody kind...

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'Not watching the ground in front of you will lead to a closer inspection of the ground in front of you.'

BaviaansRun ScreevsLeg-

Image has been 'softened' to hide the more graphic details from those with sensitive eyes

The relatively dry winter created ideal breeding conditions for the endemic nocturnal Baviaans brown slip-rock. Initial reports from the route indicate significant population growth. Being nocturnal, the Baviaans slip-rock is known to be aggressive if disturbed during daylight hours.

As always caution to be observed when traversing their territory.

Thankfully slip-rock does not attack everyone like this.

Image: © Baviaanskloof Trail Run 


Legends prepare to welcome siblings

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In 2008 when we created the catchline "run with legends" it was to inspire hard core trail runners to join us in the magnificent unspoilt wilderness of the Baviaanskloof, a World Heritage Site.

While the catchline referred to legendary past and present residents of the Baviaanskloof, 52 'new' legends have joined this rather exclusive group. The newcomers received a much prized handsomely framed Alan Ainslie black rhino drawing as testimony to their achievement, becoming a 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof'.

The 2014 UTi 'Legend Awards' will no doubt be placed in a position of prominence, as have their siblings.

Bav LegendAward framed

UTi 'Legend' Award


More images from 2013

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More images

 Bav TH 2013-09-14-06.08

Sunrise over Geelhoutbos on race morning

 Bav TH 2013-09-14-06.54.48


CraigMuller2013 IMG 4446

CraigMuller2013 IMG 4418
   CraigMuller2013 IMG 4429
CraigMuller2013 IMG 4441   1379528180907
    Criag Muller showing one of the Ford Ranger support vehicles at home in the Baviaans
CraigMuller2013 IMG 4841PowerBar  


CraigMuller2013 IMG 4777


IMG 4427
   IMG 1979
 IMG 1945
   IMG 1955
 IMG 1949
   IMG 1968


Bav TH 2013-09-14-09.51.06
  Bav TH 2013-09-14-09.58.25
Bav TH 2013-09-14-08.41.54
  IMG 2109
 IMG 2069
   IMG 2064
 IMG 4031
   IMG 2051
 Not everyone makes it back...    
 Bav TH 2013-09-14-11.11.45
   IMG 2082


CraigMuller2013 IMG 5323



Images courtesy of: Craig Muller/Backyard Adventures, Trevor Hartwig, Donnie Cumming, Willi Lawson


This rhino is h-e-a-v-y!

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As the dust settles over the 2013 Baviaanskloof Trail Run it gives us time to pause and once again congratulate our two winners.

Olivia Read (4th overall) 4:03:45

IMG 1992

Oooops! She's a heavy rhino!

(Image: Donnie Cumming)


CraigMuller2013 IMG 5320


Jacques Mouton  3:32:55

CraigMuller2013 IMG 5313

(Main images: Craig Muller)


Legends 2013

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Our 2013 "Legends of the Baviaanskloof" recipients

CraigMuller2013 IMG 5332
   IMG 5334
 Grant Wolff    Kobus Joubert
   IMG 5335
 Pieter Louw    Peter Marriott
 IMG 5336
   CraigMuller2013 IMG 5338
 Paul Johnson    Mandy Marais
 CraigMuller2013 IMG 5337
   CraigMuller2013 IMG 5340
 Sebenzile Rwexu    Liz Brash
 CraigMuller2013 IMG 5341
   CraigMuller2013 IMG 5342
 Andy Bolton   Benita Barton 

"Wild Card" runners

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Thanks to our Event Partners, a few fortunate runners receive a 'Wild Card' entry. This year the 'Wild Card' recipients enjoying the rugged unspoilt Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve were:

  IMG 5252  
  Michelle Lawson (Image: Craig Muller)  
   Inov-8 Logo
   CraigMuller2013 IMG 5060
   Desmond Bekker (Image: Craig Muller)  
   CraigMuller2013 IMG 5147  
   Stephen Apostolis (Image: Craig Muller)  
  ECPTA Logo
  CraigMuller2013 IMG 5141
   Sebenzile Rwexu (Image: Craig Muller)  
  CraigMuller2013 IMG 4618
   Lungela Sambokwe (Image: Craig Muller)  

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