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Images from 2013

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Images from 2013 courtesy of Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures

CraigMuller2013 IMG 4388

CraigMuller2013 IMG 4393

CraigMuller2013 IMG 5297

CraigMuller2013 IMG 4518


Headline Results

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Headline results:

1 Jacques Mouton   3:32        
2 Grant Wolff   3:35        
3 Kobus Joubert   4:00        
1 Olivia Read   4:03
(4th overall)    
2 SanMari Woithe   4:24
(7th overall)    
3 Rethie Cumming   4:36
(10th overall)    










"Legends of the Baviaanskloof"      
Grant Wolff      
Kobus Joubert      
Pieter Louw      
Peter Marriot      
Paul Johnson      
Mandy Marais      
Sebenzile Rwexu      
Liz Brash
Andy Bolton      
Benita Barton      



Spekboom crowns

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Wearing their spekboom crowns, Jacques Mouton and Olivia Read.

Baviaans2013 Mouton 4040


Baviaans2013 Read 4041


Previous winners

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Two previous winners will line up on Saturday.

Three time winner SanMari Woithe (who was part of the sweep team last year) will be looking for her 5th finish and 4th win, while Grant Wolff who took overall honours last year will be pushing to retain his title.

Predictions are for quick times with a section of the rocky ankle-twister having been smoothed. No doubt the hill will still stretch lungs!

Previous winners    
2009 Warren Pettersen 3:16:28
2010 Hylton Dunn 3:30:10
2011 Christo Muller 3:25:13
2012 Grant Wolff 3:44:15
2009 SanMari Woithe 4:39:06 (6th overall)
2010 SanMari Woithe 4:25:38 (12th overall)
2011 SanMari Woithe 4:20:11 (13th overall)
2012 Julie Truter 3:58:56 (4th overall)











The various route changes mean that times are not directly comparable.


Who will own the leopard?

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Who will own the Leopard spoor next Saturday?

Bav2013-Medalleopard-IMG 3990


Baviaans rhino on display with cheetah

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Heritage Picture Framers (Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth – next to Preston’s) are busy framing Baviaanskloof Trail Run Legend Awards as well as one of Alan Ainslie’s latest works, ‘Cheetah Flight’.
If you want to see what your framed Alan Ainslie Legend Award looks like ‘in the flesh’ pop down to Heritage as there is a framed award on display. You can also have a look at ‘Cheetah Flight’, all 1000 mm x 650 mm of it.  Incidentally, Heritage is South Africa’s oldest picture framing business, established in 1895.
Ainslie Cheetah Flight
‘Cheetah Flight’
Ainslie BavLegendAward unframed
‘Legend Award’ - unframed
Ainslie BavLegendAward framed
‘Legend Award’ - framed
More of Alan's work can be seen on an earlier News page here and our 2012 'Legend Award' recipients can be seen here

Conversation stopper

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There is only one hill on the Baviaans route. Well, one hill and a few undulations. The hill is known as something of a 'conversation stopper' *

Baviaans hill 1

Image : Anthony Bernard

The photograph above, taken on the way home from above the scree section, shows a thin line going from the floor of the kloof bottom right up to the ridge line. A stairway to Baviaanskloof heaven.

* 'Conversation stopper' (term) used by Darrell's early morning Hillcrest Villagers training group when running around Westville in the early 80s. One of the group was blind, and could pick up when they were approaching a hill, as the group prepared itself.... and conversation stopped.


Alan Ainslie - Wilderness Sculptor and Painter

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At the 2012 Baviaanskloof Trail Run a number of runners and spectators looked admiringly at the two black Rhino bronzes and the black Rhino prints brilliantly crafted by wilderness sculptor and painter Alan Ainslie.

There were a number of questions as to what else Alan has done. Well, here is a glimpse at some of this highly talented artist's other works.

Ainslie buffalo2 sm
 Buffalo bronze sculpture
Ainslie before the storm2 sm
Before the storm
 Ainslie bushbaby1 sm
 Bushbaby bronze sculpture
 Ainslie the crossing embossing
 The Crossing


Ainslie paint hornbill


Images from 2012 - More

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Baviaans 2012 154-2
 Grant Wolff (1st) with Spekboom crown Gerrie Hermann, Paul Hugo, Ryno du Preez, Carin du Preez - all new 'Legends'
 IMG 0223Wasserfall
 IMG 0229Wasserfall
 IMG 6477
 IMG 6516
 IMG 6519
 IMG 0233Wasserfall
IMG 0215Wasserfall

Baviaans 2012 2nd3rd
Julie Truter (1st Lady & 4th overall) Alan Neate & Andrew Damp (2nd & 3rd)

Thanks to Alison Wasserfall, Rochelle Viviers, Michael Brewis, SanMari Woithe, Gerrie Hermann, Ross Krüger, Steve Anderson, Waldo Engelbrecht, Cordell Schnetler, Tracey Hartwig and Baviaanskloof Trail Run crew for the images


Images from 2012

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Baviaans 2012 088-1
Baviaans 2012 117-3
Baviaans 2012 127-1
Baviaans 2012 137-1
IMG 0047
Baviaans 2012 135
IMG 0052
Baviaans 2012 142-2

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