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Legends 2012

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Our 2012 'Legends of the Baviaanskloof' recipients 

Baviaans 2012 220-2
Baviaans 2012 240-1
Andrew Damp Gerrie Herman
 Baviaans 2012 241-1
 Baviaans 2012 vanV
Paul Hugo   Mike van Vuuren
 Baviaans 2012 McCarthy242-2
 Baviaans 2012 CduPreez243-1
 Craig McCathy Carin du Preez 
 Baviaans 2012 245-1
 Baviaans 2012 Chris246-1
Ryno du Preez Chris van der Walt
Baviaans 2012 247-2
Baviaans 2012 Daldorff248-1
 Gerhard Vosloo  Craig Dalldorf
 Baviaans 2012 249-2
 Baviaans 2012 Ahlschlager251-1
Clinton Fisher Steven Ahlschlager
Baviaans 2012 252-2
Baviaans 2012 253-1
Werber Ernst Tony Boardman
 Baviaans 2012 254-1
 Baviaans 2012 255-1
Roger Trader Dylan Murray
 Baviaans 2012 256-1
 Baviaans 2012 257-1
John Brand Ria Mattheus
 Baviaans 2012 258-1
 Baviaans 2012 259-1
Melissa Bates-Landman Jan Shaw
 Baviaans 2012 260-1
 Baviaans 2012 261-1
Marié Barnard Hugh Parry
  Baviaans 2012 274-2
  Peter Hattingh  


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Everyone who has run the Baviaanskloof Trail Run has their own personal recollection of the route, the stunning views, the experience.
Some of the feedback from this year has been posted under Runners Comments
There is always one note that encapsulates all the feedback received - here is Sue's note
"I won a Ford lucky draw with the prize being an entry into the Baviaanskloof Trail Run. I felt VERY LUCKY because only 100 people get to participate. So now I am officially part of a "fortunate", crazy group of running masochists!!  
Nothing could have prepared me for and I quote "some of the roughest most rugged, inhospitable terrain in the Baviaanskloof".  When I started, my only fear was getting lost - 10km into the run, I kind of wished I'd get lost, then at least the 4x4 would come and fetch me. You climb vertically (yes it felt like it) for 20km and just when you feel like you don't ever want to see another hill, you flatten a bit and then descend all the while wishing you could just get another hill. Definitely the toughest thing I’ve done so far but by far the most beautiful.
A very very special, intimate race that I might actually be crazy enough to do every year."
Bav2012 Brewis 0053
Image courtesy Mike Brewis

First Three Home in 2012

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Man Lady
1st Grant Wolff Julie Truter
3:44 3:58
2nd Alan Neate Jane Barnardo
  3:50 4:20
3rd Andrew Damp Mandy Marais
  3:55 4:42

Bill Moore - R.I.P.

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It is with deep sadness we heard of our friend Bill's passing last Thursday, just a few days before race day.

Bill Moore of Heritage Picture Framers has done such magnificent work framing our Alan Ainslie 'Legend' awards.

One of the last projects Bill was involved with last week before he died was the framing of our latest 'Legend' awards. 

Our condolences to Bill's family and to Mandy and Lauren at Heritage Picture Framers.

R.I.P. Bill.


First Home Blitz the Field

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Congratulations Grant Wolff and Julie Truter who were first home at the 2012 Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Grant stormed to the front shortly after the second water crossing and Julie ran superbly to finish 4th overall and become the first Lady to run under 4 hours.

Baviaans 2012 Grant234-1
Baviaans 2012 Julie239-1

 Well done to all the new 'Legends of the Baviaanskloof', wonderful achievement.


Leopard spoor

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There are unique trophies up for grabs on Saturday at the Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

The first man and first woman to cross the finish line each receive a leopard spoor trophy, cast from local leopard spoor. Unique and desirable trophies.

Bav2012 spoor trophy-1

And of course a medal for every finisher ....

Bav2012 medals 3196


Route Recce done

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A route recce was carried out earlier this week.

The hill up to the Check Point is still as gnarly as ever, and the scree is, well, scree. 

Good scree 3159

Bav river2 2012 3183-1
 Scree Second river crossing


Three river crossings ranging from shin to waist deep, so shoes will get wet, and cameras as well if you don't remember to pack a zip-loc.


Gnarly (adjective) difficult, dangerous, or challenging

Scree (noun) 1. loose rock covering a slope 2. a slope of loose rock debris at the base of a steep incline or cliff.


Donation to Baviaanskloof Honorary Conservators

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A significant portion of each entry fee to the Baviaanskloof Trail Run is channelled directly to conservation in the Baviaans.

On a somewhat blustery and rainy first day of Spring a wind-swept Baviaanskloof Trail Run Race Director Evie Raubenheimer handed over a donation to Scott Rollo, Chairman of the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve Honorary Conservators, at the Eastern Cape Motors Ford dealership.

Bav HC UTi Ford IMG 3142-1


Crew at Ford Driving Skills for Life

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As part of their sponsorship of support vehicles for the Baviaanskloof Trail Run, Ford South Africa treated the crew who will be driving the All-New Rangers to a dedicated on-road and 4x4 driving instruction provided by Ford’s innovative Driving Skills for Life driver education programme. The comprehensive lecture room and practical instruction was enjoyed and much appreciated by the Baviaans crew.

Bav Ford 1 IMG 3134-1
Bav Ford 2 IMG 3136-1

 Bav Ford IMG 3144-1

Baviaanskloof Trail Run crew with instructor Colin Mileman (far right)


Black Rhino transported by UTi

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UTi is transporting black rhino again.

Those limited edition Alan Ainslie 'Legend' awards are being shipped courtesy of UTi.

Thank you UTi for taking such good care of our black rhino, our 'Legends' certainly appreciate it.

Baviaans Ainslie rhino award2


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