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Black Rhino in Bronze

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There are two absolutely magnificent floating trophies up for grabs at the Baviaanskloof Trail Run.
The organisers have arranged with the highly acclaimed and internationally renowned South African wildlife artist Alan Ainslie for the two stunning Black Rhino trophies in bronze.
Alan Ainslie Black Rhino
These bronze sculptures have been specially cast by the artist for the organisers of Baviaanskloof Trail Run.
Even if you are not running it will be worthwhile viewing these aggressively realistic bronzes on 15 September.

Route Update

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At present it is anticipated that the 2012 route will be the 'original' route, starting and finishing from Geelhoutbos. However, as it stands the state of the rivers is such that the 2011 route, with that much enjoyed 'swim' section, could be on the cards for next month.

Water-wings might be needed again!

Image : Mariska Spoormaker

Ford partners Baviaans to 'Go Further'

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We are extremely pleased to welcome Ford as an Event Partner at the Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Ford Ranger 1248903609527
Ford-Ranger 1248903609575
Ford-Ranger 1248903609554



The Legends

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'Legends of the Baviaanskloof'

2_david 3_christo_m
SanMari Woithe David Robertson Christo Muller
4_emil 5_andre
Emil Hougaard Andre Willemse Chris Gedye
 Frantz Struwig Siegfried Milbert Ivan Cockcroft


Bennie Burger Jaco Klopper David Mills
 James Reid Elna Fourie  Billy Kirkman
16_willem 17_dickie
Willem Muller Dickie Weers Henry Hill
Greg Raubenheimer

SanMari and Christo take Spekboom crowns

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Christo Muller and SanMari Woithe and took the honours, and the prestigious spekboom crowns, at the 2011 Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Christo ran a superbly judged race, to cross the line some 8 minutes ahead of Brad Mackenzie.


Christo Muller wearing his spekboom crown

SanMari underlined her domination with her third consecutive win in her best time over the course.

SanMari and Christo were presented with the magnificent Alan Ainslie black rhino trophies and took home their 'Baviaanskloof leopard spoor' awards in addition to their gold medals and spekboom crowns.


1 - Christo Muller (3:25:13)

2 - Brad Mackenzie (3:33:33)

3 - Hylton Dunn (3:37:49)

4 - Grant Wolff (3:53:24)

5 - Bruce Olden (3:54:23)



1 - SanMari Woithe (4:20:11) - 13th overall

2 - Elmarie Booysen (5:10:50)

3 - Kym Rolfe (5:14:00)

4 - Karin du Preez (5:25:12)

5 - Alison Pledger (5:28:15)


Highlight of the prize-giving was undoubtedly the presentation of the 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof' awards to the first 19 recipients.

# 1 - SanMari Woithe

# 2 - David Robertson

# 3 - Christo Muller

# 4 - Emil Hougaard

# 5 - Andre Willemse

# 6 - Chris Gedye

# 7 - Frantz Struwig

# 8 - Siegfried Milbert

# 9 - Ivan Cockcroft

# 10 - Bennie Burger

# 11 - Jaco Klopper

# 12 - David Mills

# 13 - James Reid

# 14 - Elna Fourie

# 15 - Billy Kirkman

# 16 - Willem Muller

# 17 - Dickie Weers

# 18 - Henry Hill

# 19 - Greg Raubenheimer


Congratulations to all our runners and special congratulations to our Baviaans 'Legends'. You are a very exclusive group.


Unique trophies

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The winners are presented with those stunning Alan Ainslie  black rhino floating trophies - well,  if 35kg of bronze could float!!.

Liberty Health has once again arranged really appropriate, rather special and unique take-home trophies for the first man and first woman - presentation mounted Baviaanskloof leopard spoor.



Scree excited to welcome 'Class of 2011'

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Route recce this week, with temperature hovering a bit over 39°C, the recce team were welcomed by the local scree with traditional slip-slithering-sliding.

Good news is that the cold winter has seen the Baviaans scree breeding exceptionally well, fragmenting into numerous new packs with a profusion of young all hyper excited and keenly  awaiting the 2011 trail runners.

The not so silent clicking-scraping of the scree as they move about is surely a wondrous and welcome sound.

The scree territory is worthy of caution.

The exceptionally heavy rain these past months has left impressive sights.

The wild flowers are staggering with their abundant colourful beauty, and the rivers are flowing strongly, in places really chucking down. Water is everywhere. Damp feet definitely on the cards this year.

In addition to the packs of scree the recce team also spotted duiker, bushbuck, klipspringer, mountain reedbuck and of course kudu. Numerous unidentified scat collections seen on the trail.

Class of 2011 is in for a classic Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run.

Baviaanskloof access

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Special Notice

Baviaanskloof Access

Excessive rains have recently resulted in large scale flooding throughout the wilderness area. Large sections of the R332 have sustained moderate to severe damage.

To prevent further environmental degradation, access to/through the Nature Reserve is hereby limited by management subject to the following conditions:

Vehicle restrictions:

In terms of GNR28181 Part (3) Section 15 no access will be granted to any vehicle/s except:

- True 4x4 vehicles with a min 190mm ground clearance and low range

-Licenced motorcycles capable of water crossings in excess of 600mm

-Only if travelling in a convoy or together with at least one other vehicle that also meets these requirements.


Times of entry and travel:

In terms of GNR28181 Part(3) Section 14 access will only be granted to:

-Day visitors if entering the gate between 07:00AM and 13:00

-Overnight campers (Rooihoek/Doodsklip/Bergplaas) between 07:00 and 15:00

Note: Non compliance to these measures will result in prosecution and a person on conviction may be liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five (5) years or a fine or both imprisonment and a fine.


What it takes?

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A FAQ on the Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run -


What three attributes will benefit a Baviaans runner to assist with qualification for a 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof' award?

We've been told that these three head the list -

1 - High pain threshold

2 - Bad memory

3 - They forget the third


Images courtesy of Mike Webb


inov-8 partners Baviaanskloof Trail Run

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The Liberty Health Baviaanskloof Trail Run is very pleased to announce that inov-8, leading manufacturers of specialist trail running shoes, has partnered with the event.

Based in "England's last Wilderness", the North Pennines, inov-8 is a company that's passionate about specialist off-road running and extreme sports products.

inov-8 has been producing World Championship winning minimalist off-road running shoes that offer a natural running experience since 2003.

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