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The primitive and isolated Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve, a World Heritage site, is steeped in myth and legend.

The punishing and demanding route will take runners through remote wilderness inhabited by two of Africa's wildest and most fearsome wild animals - the Cape Buffalo and the Black Rhino.

This run is not for the nervous or faint-hearted. This is potentially a dangerous environment. Runners must take caution at all times and be prepared to take evasive action if required.

The route will be approximately 40km and will cover some of the roughest most rugged, inhospitable terrain in the Baviaanskloof. The race starts and finishes at Geelhoutbos.

There will be one feeding station on the route, and runners will be required to be self supporting.

The organizers may at any stage, in their discretion, shorten or change the route should conditions threaten the safety of the runners. The race is not recommended for unfit runners or for those who are not prepared to cover rough terrain.

There is an 7 hour cut-off to complete the course and to qualify as a finisher. The cut-off time could be amended should the Route Director determine it necessary. There is also a mandatory cut-off at the top Check Point (approx 25km) of 4½ hours. Runners who arrive at the Check Point  after the cut-off must abandon the race. Any change will be advised during the pre-race briefing.

In view of the terrain and possible extreme weather conditions (temperatures could be in excess of 40°C or it could snow) it is mandatory that competitors run with an emergency 'space blanket' and a whistle, both of which will be provided by the organisers at registration.

Runners are reminded that they are ultimately responsible to ensure they are adequately hydrated at all times. It is strongly recommended that competitors carry with them at least a two litre container for water.

Because of the remoteness of the area, and the extreme terrain it is critical that runners follow the marked trail and do not, under any circumstances, move off the trail.

Runners with sight colour difficiencies must note that the trail will be marked with luminous orange flags.

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